Get the most out of your time at The Texas Zoo and plan your trip around some of our fantastic programs and experiences! 

Keeper Chats

Everyday at 11AM & 2PM

Learn more about the unique individuals that reside at our zoo, as well as their species as a whole, directly from the keepers who care for and interact with them on a daily basis.

Gator Feeding

Wednesday & Saturday at 12PM

Come watch as our expert wildlife care staff feeds and works with these modern day dinosaurs as they prove they are much more than mindless, eating machines. This public feeding may be postponed due to the colder temperatures in the Fall and Winter months.

Tortoise Baths!

Fridays at 3PM

Get up close and personal with some of our walking rocks, the turtles and tortoises. During their bath time guests will be able to observe and assist our staff scrub some shells. This activity may be cancelled due to colder temperatures during the Fall and Winter months.