On Saturday, August 26th the zoo was devastated as Hurricane Harvey hit Victoria, TX. Most of the parks mature trees were blown over onto most of our buildings and several exhibits causing major damages. 
  The following Wednesday waters surrounding the zoo rose to unexpected levels and breeched the berm surrounding the facility. Zoo staff, led by the Animal Curator, collected all low lying animals and went to the roof where they stayed over night until teams were provide assistance the next morning. Water entered our buildings destroying all of their contents. 
  Just days following the flood teams from other animal facilities and other similar groups arrived to assist with animal care and clean up. Since then most of our animals have been temporarily placed with other facilities while clean up and repairs are made. 

Although we have made great progress, this is far from over! While man power will be required, financial contributions make the most impact during this difficult time.

Contributions can be made to our efforts through

You can make a HUGE difference here at the Zoo by simply making donations or by volunteering! Even small things can really help us out - for instance, items like hose nozzles or towels can help us keep the Zoo sparkling clean for the animals! Volunteering your time is also a great way to help. We house over 300 animals here at the Zoo, so our to-do list is always full - extra hands are always appreciated!

  Donate items!
  With all our animals here at the Zoo, we could always use more supplies! Here is our wishlist:

  • Box fans
  • Small chest freezers 
  • Crates - good condition, various sizes 
  • Pine shavings and bedding materials
  • Hoses and nozzles 
  • AMDRO (ant insecticide)
  • Scrub brushes, mops, brooms, sponges
  • Reptile lamps (heat lamps and UV bulbs)
  • Food bowls
  • Towels and linens 
  • Fresh produce 

  To make a donation, simply drop off your items in the gift shop at the front of the Zoo! If you are curious as to a particular      item and whether or not we could use it, please call us ahead of time at (361) 573-7681.