Experience Camp at The Texas Zoo!

Explore your wild side with Camps at The Texas Zoo! Camps are created for children ages 5 to 16 and offered each season. No matter the season, each day of camp is an exploration into the various roles of animal care-giving, allowing campers to gain hands on experience with live animals. Continue to read the details below to learn more about our current session of camp. 

Current Session:


Week Long Camps

June - August

Four camps will be offered throughout the summer, but no camp will be the same! There will be 3 sessions of Keeper, Vet and Trainer Camp alternating throughout week from week. While these camps will progress as the summer goes on, missing Vet Camp A will not hamper anyone's experience for Vet Camp B or C. Each camp will be a stand alone, complete experience. 

Keeper Camp

During Keeper Camp, campers will get an in-depth look at a week in the life of a zookeeper. From learning why zookeepers are critical for conservation, to what their day to day routine entail, campers will will have a full week of hands on animal encounters, cleaning exhibits, feeding some animal residents, educating the public, and even a bit of animal training!

Vet Camp

Vet Camp offers the chance for campers to experience what it takes to be a real veterinarian. Campers will learn how to take vitals, discuss the importance of vet medicine, and even accompany staff on their rounds. At the end of every week, campers will have the chance to explore the anatomy of a unique specimen. This camp is perfect for anyone that is leaning toward a future in veterinary medicine.

Trainer Camp

While training will be covered a little in our Keeper Camp, Training Camp offers the chance for campers to get an in-depth look on how to properly train animals using positive reinforcement. Trained behaviors are critical to an animals welfare and help solidify a bond between human and animal. This camp will teach techniques that can be adapted to any species on the planet!

Wildlife Warriors

Think of Wildlife Warriors as the ultimate camp experience. To be a true Wildlife Warrior, you must use the knowledge and skills of keepers, vets and trainers to protect animals all around the world. We are on the verge of the 6th mass extinction and only we can stop it. At Wildlife Warriors Camp, campers will experience aspects of vet, trainer and keeper camps and learn how to care for animals in managed care and learn about current conservation efforts for endangered species. 

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Ages 5 - 7

9AM - 12PM



Ages 8 - 12

9AM - 4PM


Ages 13 - 16

9AM - 4PM