Experience Camp at The Texas Zoo!

Explore your wild side with Camps at The Texas Zoo! Camps are created for children ages 5 to 16 and offered each season. No matter the season, each day of camp is an exploration into the various roles of animal care-giving, allowing campers to gain hands on experience with live animals. Continue to read the details below to learn more about our current session of camp. 

Current Session:


The Texas Zoo is excited to announce a FREE week long camp that will be offered this Spring Break. The camp will go into depth on what it means to be a research zoologist and the importance of their work. For more information, please email contactus@texaszoo.org

Vet Camp

Vet Camp offers the chance for campers to experience life as a real Veterinarian. From learning how to take vitals to discussing why vet medicine is important. Through hands on activities such as mock surgeries and simulated necropsies, campers will get to put their knowledge to the test in a fun environment!

Trainer Camp

Training Camp offers the chance for campers to get an in-depth look on how and why zoos train their animals. Campers will learn why these behaviors are important and what we use those behaviors for as they participate in real training sessions!

Keeper Camp

During Keeper Camp campers will get an in-depth look on what it is like to be a Zoo Keeper. Campers will learn what a full day consisits of for a zookeeper as they shadow our own wildlife specialists and assist in cleaning exhibits, feeding animals, and even some training.

Research Camp

Campers will get a first hand look at what modern zoos around the world are doing to ensure the survival of species and wild places. See first hand the research projects taking place at the Texas Zoo and meet the animals that are involved in saving their wild counterparts!