Through donations, adoptions, and gift shop purchases you are directly supporting the Zoo and all the animals that call it home!

You can make a HUGE difference here at the Zoo by simply making donations! Even small things can really help us out - for instance, items like hose nozzles or towels can help us keep the Zoo sparkling clean for the animals! 

  Donate items!
  With all our animals here at the Zoo, we could always use more supplies! Here is our wishlist:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Fresh Meat (unseasoned)
  • Towels & Linens
  • Box fans
  • Disinfectant & Bleach 
  • Pine shavings and bedding materials
  • Hoses and nozzles 
  • Scrub brushes, mops, brooms, sponges
  • Reptile lamps (heat lamps and UV bulbs)

To make a donation, simply drop off your items at the front gate of the zoo! Please feel free to reach out to us via email, or social media if you have a specific item you would like to donate and are unsure if we could use it.