In the early morning hours of July 3,2017, JoJo the ocelot from The Texas Zoo passed away. The young ocelot had been found unresponsive and immediately taken to veterinary care. Unfortunately, despite care and treatment she was unable to recover. The zoo has looked into underlying causes for her death and a necropsy was ordered and performed with tissue samples sent to Texas A&M University in College Station.  

The zoo has received official results from the necropsy late last week.  The report cites  myocarditis (an infection of the heart) with lung congestion and anemia. The Texas Zoo and keepers feel this loss deeply. In her short time at The Texas Zoo, JoJo became a Staff and guest favorite, charming us all with her active, rambunctious spirit. She was videoed just days before she was found Ill playing with guests and entertaining all who was around. Those who are able and willing are encouraged to keep JoJo's spirit and species alive by donating to a conservation or Ocelot center of their choice.