Not sure what you can do at the Zoo? We are always looking for capable volunteers to help us out with a variety of tasks! Do you like to garden, enjoy teaching, or admire the work our keepers do? We could use your skills! Of course, volunteer areas also include assisting with zoo maintenance, animal care, educational events, and other programs we have at the zoo.  
Once your application is complete please email to contactus@texaszoo.org. 

Become a Volunteer


Are you an adult that would like to volunteer on the regular basis at The Texas Zoo? Join our team of dedicated individuals who have a passion for the natural world, and help make a visit to The Texas Zoo unforgettable for our guests. Persons willing to become an adult volunteer must be 18 years or older, go through an application process, and make a commitment of volunteering at least 8 hours per week for one year. Volunteers will receive training, have the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends. Adults wishing to volunteer may be able to volunteer in the following ways:

   Keeper Aide – Volunteers in a Keeper Aide position will be trained to shadow our Animal Care Staff, helping to clean exhibits, create animal enrichment, preparing diets and assist with special animal projects.
   Commissary Assistant – Volunteers in a Commissary Assistant position will be trained to assist with animal diet preparation, as well as to clean and restock meal prep and storage areas.
   Educational Docent – Volunteers in an Educational Docent position will be trained to assist with on and off site educational programs. Programs may include but are not limited to, guided tours, educational carts, outreach programs, zoo camps, special events, and animal encounters. 
   Grounds – Volunteers in a Grounds position will be trained to help maintain all of the zoo’s plant life. Duties may include but are not limited to, tree trimming, planting, watering, and pruning.
   Guest Services – Volunteers in our Guests Services position will be trained to assist zoo guests. Duties may include but are not limited to, answering guest questions, helping with special events, and record keeping.

To apply, please fill out our Adult Volunteer Application and return to contactus@texaszoo.org. Once your application is received our staff will contact you to complete the application process.

 Click HERE to download application.

Group Volunteers

The Texas Zoo welcomes school, community and corporate volunteer groups to volunteer for special events and large zoo projects. All opportunities will vary depending on the time of year but all will take place outdoors in a fun, fast paced atmosphere.

Group volunteering opportunities are usually scheduled in 4 hour shifts and at least 2 weeks in advance. All group volunteers must be age 13 or older and at least one adult chaperone for every 10 volunteers under the age of 18 is required. If your group is interested please fill out our Group Volunteer Application and return to contactus@texaszoo.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Click HERE to download application.



AGES 13-16

A program aimed at young teens to gain useful experience. Jr. Volunteers will have a structured schedule and work in many areas of the zoo. This will provide Jr. volunteers with more well-rounded experience while providing valuable assistance to the zoo. Volunteers can be scheduled over the summer, on weekends and after school. All volunteers must attend a short orientation, wear their shirt on site and dress appropriately.

Activities include:

  • Assisting Petting Zoo staff
  • Feed peacocks
  • Assist with diet preparation
  • Assist in cleaning (Dishes, exhibits, etc.)
  • Pick up garbage around park
  • Assist in all programs
  • Assist in feeding and care in barn
  • Assist in ethograms
  • Assist in manning tables with bio-facts
  • Assist guests as needed during animal presentations

Click HERE to download application.

Special Event Volunteers

Are you an adult looking to volunteer at The Texas Zoo but can’t meet our 8 hour a week commitment? Or are you a high school student needing community service hours for school? Become a Special Events Volunteer! Special Events Volunteers donate their time during select Special Events, to help zoo staff and zoo guests in a fun, fast paced atmosphere. Special Events Volunteers must be at least age 13.  To apply, please fill out the Special Events Volunteer application and return to contactus@texaszoo.org. Our staff will contact you when we have an event coming up.

Special Events Groups may be needed for:

  • Wild About Wine (Spring)(21 and up only)
  • Zoo Boo (Fall) 
  • Haunted Zoo (Fall) 
  • Snow Daze (Winter)

    Click HERE to download application.